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I totally invested into my car with this expensive $300 dash cam after getting into an accident where the other driver chased me across 5 lanes on I95 after I got in front of her in the HOV lane. She proceeded to throw objects at my car. We ended up colliding as I was trying to get off the ramp. She then began looking to see if I had a dash cam, after which she took pictures of my car, and tried to claim bodily injuries and say I hit her the next day. Come find out she was driving someone else’s car, and doesn’t have insurance. The owner of the vehicle does.
Mila Kunis

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Upon order, i received my order earlier than I expected and notified. So hats off for Quickest Delivery even in such Panedemic era. Packaging was excellent with all the equipment individually taken care off. Only thing I wished could be better is bit more longer arm for front camera so we have more room to adjust considering confined space where the rear view mirror blocking inside view little bit. I use this camera primary for rideshare so now I have peace of mind that I am being covered not only from outside but inside as well.
Mike Sendler
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