ZeroEdge Dual-lens HD Car Camera Review

ZeroEdge Dual-lens Car Camera

Technical specifications

Product TypeZeroEdge Dual-lensMax. Resolution3264*2448 (8M)
ReliabilityVery GoodVideo Quality (day/night)Very Good/Good
PriceCheck Latest PriceAmazon Star4.0
Read ReviewsCustomer Reviews 340+Size (inches)2.8 x 4.6 x 13.5 inches
GPSnoViewing Angle 120°
Screen5″ Max. Card Size32GB

Installing of the ZeroEdge Double-Contact Vehicle Camera program aversion to risk, and can be simple or difficult, depending upon your ability, patience. It likewise depends upon how important aesthetics are to you.
A few of you might be completely comfy installing this yourself (BTW, setting up the mirror itself is quite simple– the rear-view camera is harder).

You will see a number of reviews online for this gadget, if you go to the Web site of and the pictures in all, there are cables dropping down to the USB Car adapter from the mirror. In my own installation, the wires for the mirror go into the dashboard, also to the driver’s side and up the windshield. There is no requirement for the system to be connecteded to the vehicle charger port. The rear view camera was set up over my rear license plate and it has no wires revealing at all.

Establishing -Lens Car Camera is easy. On when the ignition is switched on the system automatically turns. You push and contain the M/Mode button all of the method for the left, as well as the settings menu is shown. Here you scroll down and established the day/period, movie quality (780p or 1080p HD), switch on/off the microphone, choose the sensitivity of the motion sensing unit, set time of the looping saving (2, 3, or five minutes). Scrolling down and up the menu is quickly done utilizing the up and down buttons listed below the mirror. Likewise available through the down and up buttons, would be the view mode offered for the user while driving. That gives me to how is operating using the ZeroEdge Dual-Lens Car Camera process?

The system switches on immediately when you turn on the ignition as I said earlier. When it switches on, the watch on the mirror is in the forward facing camera, using the trunk camera’s watch in an image-in-picture about the upper-right part of the display. The view changes towards the rear view using the course behind you highlighted, when you shift into reverse.
You have 4 different view options. Fullscreen forward, fullscreen back, forward watch with rear picture-in-pic, and rear with forward picture-in-pic. The trunk camera files and display screens at 480p. Throughout daytime, I contained that I have no issue using the mirror as a mirror and seeing through the camera view. In the evening, nevertheless, the camera is rather brilliant and some might contained it sidetracking. It is certainly more difficult to utilize the mirror in the evening, however I have actually ended up being rather utilized to it. I drive with the complete screen rear view on. You can constantly turn it off if you contained it too sidetracking.

The ZeroEdge Dual-Lens Car Camera includes a – 16-GB Micro-sd card (the device supports as much as a 32 GB card), tape-recording roughly 3 hours of movie (1080p top view), longer if tape-recorded a lower resolution, which you place in to a position at the very top of the mirror. The machine records video into 2 different folders. One for the front dealing with camera and one for the rear dealing with camera. Promoting the card into a computer system simply needs an SD Card reader and an SD Card adapter.

ZeroEdge Dual-lens Dashcam Video sample

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