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 Viofo A119S

 Viofo A119S Technical specifications

Product TypeViofo A119SMax. Resolution1080P
ReliabilityGreatVideo Quality (day/night)Very Good/Good
PriceCheck Latest Price WDR (Night Vision) yes
Read ReviewsAmazon Customer ReviewsSize (mm)85 x 52 x 36mm
GPSoptionalViewing Angle 135°
Screen2″Max. Card Size128 GB

The Viofo A119S was launched in late 2016 and is a customized version of Viofo’s extremely effective A119 car camera. Apart from the lens which has actually been upgraded, the 2 devices look practically precisely the exact same, from the outside.

One of one of the most impressive change in relation to its predecessor is the fact that the Viofo A119S includes a lesser maximum resolution. It documents 1080p movie at 60 frames per 2nd, which is considerably significantly less than the A119’s 1440p (at 30 fps). This change was created primarily to enhance night video quality. Less pixels imply each individual pixel is therefore more light sensitive, and larger.

As an outcome, the A119S records significantly much better footage in low light situations compared to A119, with video quality practically– however not– similar for the DOD LS460W’s, that is presently (2017) our leading carrying out dash cam for tape-recording in the evening.

Let’s have a comprehensive take a look at exactly what the A119S and the A119 share and distinctions, and exactly what sets them apart:
Both A119S and mount and the A119 utilize the exact same housing. ( The installs can be utilized interchangeably.).
An optional GPS receiver could be developed to the support. The GPS edition of both cameras charges about $10 greater compared to non-GPS version.
Both cameras utilize a capacitor.
They tape-report in a little rate of 20 Mbps.
Both can use upto 128GB SD cards.
Both are extremely subtle because of their stealthy wedge shape.
The 2 cameras are simple to establish and utilize, with a simple interface and an incorporated 2 ″ screen.
Both cameras enable you to connect an elective CPL filter, for reduced glare when owning in bright sunlight.
They’re both based upon a Novatek NT96660 processor.

The A119S includes a Sony STARVIS IMX291 indicator. The STARVIS has an optimal resolution of 1080p@60fps, that will be significantly less than the A119is 1440p. The A119S’ lower resolution assists enhance night video quality.
The A119S comes with an aperture of f/1.6, instead of the A119, that has f/1.8. The lower the amount, the much better the light sensitivity of the camera. That is another element adding to the A119S’ superior performance in the evening.
The A119S utilizes a much better contact (7G) than its precursor (6G). Nevertheless, the lens of the newer A119S can just be changed vertically, not horizontally.
At 135 °, the A119S’ position of view is less than its predecessoris, which catches 160 °.
Depending upon where you purchase, the A119S currently costs about $10-20 greater compared to A119.
Viofo made some changes that lead to a noticeably improved night video quality. Both cameras record video footage that is very good, at day , nevertheless, the older A119 includes a definite advantage because it helps a higher resolution.

Due to the changes listed above though, at night, the A119S carries out a lot much better. Its video quality that is practically on level with all the DOD LS460Wis, that is presently the very best performing dash cam in the evening.
The choice is rather easy: If you own primarily throughout the day, the A119 enables you to tape-record at a far better video resolution (1440p), so opt for the older model. Opt for the A119S as it carries out a lot much better in low-light conditions, if you mainly drive at night time.

Get the A119S unless you truly desire 1440p if you own both at day and in the evening. We feel that the enhancement in night video quality more than offsets the decrease in resolution.

Viofo A119S Car Dashcam Video Sample

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