Viofo A118C2 Dash Cam Pro Review

Spy Tec A118C2

Viofo A118C2 Technical specifications

Product TypeViofo A118C2Max. Resolution1080P
ReliabilityAverageVideo Quality (day/night)Good/Average
PriceCheck Latest PriceBit rate15 Mbps
Read ReviewsAmazon Customer ReviewsSize (mm)72mm x 52mm x 43mm
GPSOptional GPSViewing Angle 130°
Screen1.5″Max. Card Size64 GB

The A118C2 is Viofo ‘s’ successor Favorite A118-C video camera (likewise frequently described as B40-C). The A118C2 has a larger aperture for night video quality, and includes a choice for installing a CPL filter on the lens. The lens field of vision is now 130 degrees rather of the predecessor’s 170 degrees. Likewise, the charger cable shielding has actually been enhanced, which ought to reduce any interference with FM radio.

This video camera’s aperture is F2.0, although the predecessor had an aperture of F2.8. The A118C2’s bigger aperture suggests a higher light sensitivity, leading to far better night video. As a result, the A118C2 records great to excellent quality video in the evening. Daytime video readies likewise, however it does appear to be somewhat on the blurred side sadly.

The A118C2 retains the wedge shape that made the A118 series so effective. Simliar to its predecessors, 1 side of the video camera sticks straight into the windshield using an adhesive patch. This gets rid of the requirement to get a bracket and makes the camera seem practically like a part of your vehicle.

Many other features correspond the A118-C, so we will not enter into excessive information here: Optional GPS is supported, SD cards may be as much as 64GB in the bit rate, and size is 15 Mbps. A 1.5 ″ screen enables simple setup and movie playback on-the-spot. Setup and set-up is relatively simple, and if you require any assistance, the business’s support team is stated to be responsive and useful.

Price-wise, the A118C2 is located in between its predecessor and the a lot powerful A119. In General, this dashboard cam is a wonderful improvement over the A118-C, particularly with regards to night video quality. Nevertheless, the Viofo A119 does carry out considerably much better (if you can manage it).

Day time video quality readies. The image is vibrant and with good colors, nevertheless it is not the video we have ever seen. License plates are typically understandable when close. Night video quality readies. License plates are simple to check out even when owning by, nevertheless in some cases they get rinsed by our headlights when the other vehicle is straight in front of us.

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