Vico-Marcus 4 dashcamera review

Vico-Marcus 4 dash cam

Technical Details

Product TypeVico-Marcus 4Max. Resolution1296P
ReliabilityVery GoodVideo Quality (day/night)Great/Very Good
PriceCheck Latest PriceCustomer Stars4.0
Read Reviews20+ Customer ReviewsSize (mm)72x 53 x 33mm
GPSOptionalViewing Angle 160°
Screen2.0″ Max. Card Size128GB

The Vico- the Taiwanese company Vicovation released in mid 2014 Marcus 4. Made of quality hardware, it includes a Omnivison OV4689 sensor an Ambarella A7LA55 CPU, and a 7 -layer lenses. It likewise tape-records rather high quality video. Video footage is excellent, both at night time and the day as you can see below.

You can select in between a number of video resolution options: There’s basic 1920x1080p, which likewise supports HDR (High Dynamic-Range) for improved night vision. This appears to become the sole resolution that supports HDR. Nonetheless, night video quality of this camera is excellent in other resolutions also.

Apart from the basic 1080p resolution, there’s likewise 2304x1296p, a higher resolution that might not show on all screens (most computer system and laptop screens presently support 1080p or less). Nevertheless, it would provide you the ability to focus and see fine details. And lastly, there is likewise a 2560x1080p wide-screen style (21:9), providing your movies a far more cinematic sense. Widescreen mode cuts off some information on bottom and the top of the video, while revealing more of exactly what is towards the left and right. This is rather a good quality to get a dash cam really, as parts of the hood of your car and the sky get stop, and you can see more of the environments.

The Vico-Marcus 4 does not have GPS by default, however you can obtain an external GPS “mouse” individually. Simply plug it into the camera and connect it somewhere else in your vehicle.

Likewise, you can get if these bother you an extra CPL filter to decrease windshield reflections in bright sunlight. The camera includes a quick release mounts however note that the size of the camera increases quite a bit where you can attach the filter. And sadly, particularly incorporated using its suction cup bracket, Marcus 4 is not really among the smallest cameras to start with.

Other functions of the Vico-Marcus 4 consist of a rather large viewing angle of 160 °, A-G-sensor, along with a buffered smart parking mode. Implying that the camera (offered it has continuous power) will continuously tape-record video even while your vehicle is parked. It will certainly not just conserve the footage straight following approximately 4 seconds, but also the impact before if any impact is detected.

Obviously like all dash cams, it likewise has actually a time and date stamp on video, speed stamp on/off if you got auto, loop recording, and GPS. Video recording is seamless, meaning as could be the situation with a few cheaper cameras, you will not have any spaces in between video files.

Marcus 4 likewise has a bright orange emergency button. Press this whenever you see something fascinating that you wish to keep. It will certainly avoid the current video file from ending up being overwritten by moving it to your separate folder for the sd card, which could endure to 10 video files.

Memory cards may be as much as 128GB capability, which even in a somewhat high bit rate of 16 Mbps enables over 17 hours of video footage. Keep in mind that SD cards for that Marcus 4 should be class 10, reduce class SD cards aren’t supported.

The camera utilizes an internal capacitor rather than a battery, increasing its reliability and making the device more heat resistant.
Some users have actually had difficulties with loop recording stopping of the camera or work and/ shutting itself off randomly. Formatting the sd card in the camera itself utilizing the appropriate menu item, and never within your computer system can easily resolve the issue, if this happens. Like a general rule, so much as splash cameras of any kind are worried, constantly format SD cards within the camera to prevent malfunction.

To sum up it, this is certainly a high-quality dash cam, tape-recording excellent video even under difficult lighting conditions and made of sturdy materials. It’s wise (buffered) parking mode is a plus. Therefore is the option of video resolutions (wide-screen, 1080P and 1296P). The guide is offered in English and is rather well composed. The significant disadvantage of the Marcus 4 is its fairly large size and form factor, particularly when incorporated using the quick release mount (that will be recommended) as well as the suction cup mount (which isn’t really).

Likewise, it is rather expensive– however being a higher-stop dashboard camera that tape-records high quality video at resolutions as much as 1296p. The Vico-Marcus 4 is certainly worth its cash if you do not mind the size.

Vico-Marcus 4 Car Camera Video sample

Day-time video is excellent. Details are plainly noticeable, particularly when standing or at low speeds. Some license plates are a little fuzzy to check out however, when driving faster.

Night video quality is likewise excellent. Details are plainly noticeable, and license plates are simple to check out when close. When driving by or however at a distance, license plates can appear washed out.

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