Vantrue R2 Car Dash Cam Review

Vantrue R2

Vantrue R2 Technical specifications

Product TypeVantrue R2Max. Resolution2304*1296P/2560*1080P
ReliabilityGoodVideo Quality (day/night)Very Good/Good
PriceCheck Latest PriceWDRyes
Read Reviews270+ Customer ReviewsSize (inches)4.3 x 1.3 x 2 inches
GPSnoViewing Angle 170°
Screen2.7"Max. Card Size64GB

The Vantrue OnDash R2 slots into our runner up place on price instead of quality. It produces great videos, however it’s too costly compared to the Z-Edge Z3– practically $50 more at the moment prior to considering the cost of the consisted of microSD card, which the Vantrue does not have of the Zero Edge. Its images are simply a hair too dark compared to the Z3, however they still hit other dash cams from the water, leading us to suggest this like a copy if its price drops or even the Z3 offers out and you require a dash cam immediately. The Vantrue was our leading pick in screening up until the Z3 displaced it and arrived late in the process.

If the Z3 becomes otherwise unavailable or sells out, think about the comparably outstanding, though significantly more costly, Vantrue OnDash R2. General usability, instructions, and its packaging are on the par with all the Z3, and its own image quality is likewise excellent. The images of the R2 have slightly more contrast, while simply as crisp as the Z3. This makes them more appealing, however not as helpful as some areas have the tendency to be too dark, as they might be in different scenarios, and the night vision is likewise a hair darker. It is very somewhat much better than our leading pick, if you cannot discover the Z3, but it is kept by its much higher price as a backup.

It likewise has a somewhat larger 170 ° field of view, which surpasses our preference simply a bit. However we’re hair-splitting here: Both our top pick, the Z3 and the R2, are sensational cameras. The choosing elements for us boiled down to cost (the Z3 has to do with $50 less), and the R2 does not included a microSD card, additional increasing the practical cost differential. You require a dash cam immediately and the Z3 is unavailable or if you like its somewhat better photographic output, we recommend the R2.

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