Vantrue R1 Pro Dash Cam Review

Vantrue R1 Pro dash cam

Vantrue R1 Pro Dashcam Specs

Product TypeVantrue R1 ProMax. Resolution1296P
ReliabilityVery GoodVideo Quality (day/night)Very Good/Good
PriceCheck Latest Pricewarranty 18 months
Read Reviews70+ Customer ReviewsSize ( inches)4.1 x 1.9 x 1.2 inches
GPSNoViewing Angle 170°
Screen2.7"Max. Card Size128GB

Let’s discuss the equipment and also the specifications of the unit, prior to we enter really utilizing the dash cam to tape-record your driving adventures.

Beginning with the lens, you’ll discover an Ambarella A7L50 + OV4689 Ultra wide angle lens set up. It includes a 170-degree viewing angle. That is larger than average compared with some other cameras on the marketplace. You wish to ensure it views as much as possible if you’re utilizing this in your car, and this will certainly catch everything.

The camera can tape-record at a variety of resolutions consisting of 2304X1296@30fps, 2560X1080@30fps, 1080P@30fps, and 720P@30FPS. You wish to tape-record more footage in your memory card or whether you need a higher quality. This camera is versatile enough to manage it.

In regards to tape-recording flexibility, this camera has all types of options. You can inform it to tape-record constantly up until your memory card is complete, which works if you simply wish to have footage of your entire drive. This would be the choice you’ll wish to utilize, if you’re going to the country on the scenic route. Something to bear in mind, however, is that it records over the older footage and doesn’t loop around, so stop recording or you either have to erase the video, once it’s full.

You’re going to wish to utilize among the loop recording options, if you’re utilizing the camera to tape-record accidents or anything that occur to your vehicle every day. You can set the camera to tape-report in 1, 3, or 5-minute loops, where it erases the oldest piece of footage once the card is complete. The footage will be locked by the motion sensor in the camera automatically if it detects an accident. If something happens, or you are able to strike a switch to secure it by hand. This feature works as promoted, and while I (fortunately) didn’t have any accidents throughout testing, the lock button did certainly avoid footage from being erased. Footage secured by doing this is separated in the rest in a folder identified “Events” on the SD card.

Irrespective of these main modes, there are lots of other options that let you tweak the knowledge. There are motion detectors that begin tape-recording immediately if someone hits it, while your car is parked. You will have video of the function’s aftermath, which could assist you determine if your vehicle was hit and by whom because people seldom leave notes when something occurs.

You do not have to be hand hit a button whether it’s connected to, as it’ll certainly spot that the engine has actually switched on and begin tape-recording immediately to start recording when you get into the car. This is convenient, as advertised and it works.

There’s likewise a choice that will certainly have the recording start and stop when motion is spotted, however I discovered when sitting at a traffic light as it would stop that this choice was much better ended. If somebody were to tell me while left, it’d switch on in the Accident Auto Detection feature, however it would just capture the aftermath and never the initial hit.

There are likewise the aforementioned resolution options, which will certainly let you tweak the video quality. You’re much better off utilizing the highest video quality, because it will certainly provide you more information, which will certainly make it simpler to check out things such as road signs and license plates inside your movies, if you should be running the video on loop.

There is a screen of the device that allows you to see what you’re recording and adjust the settings, as you might expect. Since the camera is a little, the screen is also, being available in at 2.7-inches. There are likewise 2 LED lights. Nevertheless, these LEDs are little, and they truly do not do much to really light the chance. Your vehicle has headlights, where the majority of the vision while operating during the night will certainly originate from and that’s.

For battery, there’s a fairly little 250mAh one built-in. You will not get much within the way of battery life, however it suffices to tape-record for a bit when your parked car is jostled to the DC port without power or to have it record automatically.

Thankfully, the setup process for this camera is rather simple. It connects to your car’s windshield having a suction cup that moves in to the top of the camera itself.

Is with the cable, where the setup gets a bit more complex. If you desire, you can just put that in to the DC outlet inside your car, and it includes an 11.8 foot cable and go. However, the factor they provide you this kind of one is really you are able to run it during your car in a manner that does not look awful. This will, obviously, take a little bit of time, however it is worth it within the long term.

Now, where it gets complicated remains in that it suggests attaching the camera near the rear-view mirror up high to your dashboard. In doing this, you wind up in the middle of the window hanging down as the device is plugged in, which reverses the neat cable running you simply invested a bunch of time doing all.

I simply mounted the camera lower, to get around this problem. It makes the within your car look much better, and likewise keeps the electrical wiring circumstance much neater while this produces a photo where you see the cover of the car.

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