Thinkware X500 dashcam review

Thinkware X500 dash cam

Technical Details

Product TypeThinkware X500Max. Resolution1080P
ReliabilityVery GoodVideo Quality (day/night)Great/Very Good
PriceCheck Latest PriceCustomer Stars4.0
Read Reviews70+ Customer ReviewsSize (inches) 4.1 x 2.2 x 1.1 inches
GPSYesViewing Angle 140 °
Screen 2.7"Max. Card Size 64GB

The Thinkware X500 from a South Korean company Thinkware is available in 2 options. The very first being a camera for that front windscreen run in the second and the supplied cars power adapter being the front camera complete with cables for permanent installation or a hard wire and a camera for the rear windscreen.

The main camera within the top of the vehicle has 4 buttons on the back and a 2.7” LCD display. These enable you to communicate with the menus and settings, the majority of which can likewise be set from the computer system software application.

On the best part is the main power button (that you seldom require the use) and also the microSD memory slot as the left is the home of ports.

All footage be it in the top or rear camera is about the memory card as may be the software application for the camera. When continuously recorded, the clips are 1 minute in length.

The Thinkware X500 likewise has GPS on board meanings that when utilizing the software application the footage will certainly be repeated together with your exact location, makings for great evidence ought you require it.

Likewise consisted of about the Thinkware X500 is security camera signals which work. It provides you advance warning through another alert when you remain in the safety camera zone and an audible sound. It will be certainly too inform you the speed limit.

Included in this database it alerts of understood mobile safety camera zones which is once again useful however in some circumstances I discovered since the database has actually a lot of set, I was continually reminded of these. For instance one path that I get along is renowneded for its video cameras however within the space around half of a mile I get 3 warnings. Much easier to be safe than sorry?!

You would turn them off if you choose.

I ought to likewise keep in mind that this feature is not offered in all countries.

These warnings are provided through the speaker which is loud enough, however can be challenging to know if you should be playing music through the car stereo in a reasonable volume.

The display is defined to immediately shut off, I highly recommend versus communicating with the camera when driving, however you can see the footage in real time about the cameras screen and possibly utilize the rear camera like a reversing camera in certain respects if needed.

The display reveals the time and speed. Do ensure that date and the time are correctly set in the camera when used as evidence as this could be key.

I was made rather honestly finishing the update is a breeze and aware of a software update before commencing the review. I copied it for the microSD card utilizing the provided card reader, put the card within the camera and inside a couple of minutes the camera had actually spotted the update and installed it once downloaded from the Thinkware website. Hassle free.

About the base are just a test button and microphone.

About the entrance may be the 2.4 megapixel lens having a 140 degrees seeing angle and a speaker. Directly it appears like a compact camera.

When the camera is set up and setup to your choice there is hardly any you require finish with the camera, it does what it needs to and just gets on.

You can find various options within the settings, numerous which you will certainly discover in our images and screenshots.

You’ve the choice of manual recording where you choose when it starts catching video footage or constant. Continuous uses more memory however the Thinkware X500 utilizes loop recording innovation which essentially implies that as quickly as the memory card ends up being complete,. Oldest recordings are overwritten. Therefore never need to remove the memory card or the camera unless you had an incident and ways you would go years with this recording.

Disconnecting the power will cease recording. Although the X500 doesn’t have a battery into it meaning constantly being powered built is not an issue.

An integrative microphone on the Thinkware X500 can get sounds in a little louder sounds and the vehicle from outdoors. You can turn this off, however it would be helpful come to an incident.

The file size will increase somewhat. Our design has a 32GB memory card, however you can consume on a 64GB card.

Thinkware X500 Car Camera Video sample


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