ThinkWare F550 Dash Cam Review

ThinkWare F550 Dash CamTechnical specifications

Product TypeThinkWare F550Max. Resolution1080P
ReliabilityPerfectVideo Quality (day/night)Great/Very Good
PriceCheck Latest PriceWDRYes
Read Reviews65+ Customer ReviewsSize (inches )2.9 x 1.2 x 1.5 inches
GPSYesViewing Angle 143°
ScreenNoMax. Card Size32GB

The default video quality is rather spectacular! This will certainly enable you to tape-record more videos prior to you need to move them to your computer system. Now you do not need to move everything, however throughout testing look at them and I wanted to transfer a few. They will immediately be overwritten by the dash cam, if you Don’t transfer them.
I tape-registered using the unit sitting in my own driveway, tooling across the neighbourhood, and the road. I attempted both all the time driving to determine how a unit would react. Then I popped out the SD card to transfer the videos and took the unit inside. Hmm, small problem…

An older Mac was running with an older os. The software application that includes this unit was developed to deal with newer systems than 8 years of age Mac, so I had the ability to set up the Thinkware PC viewer to see the videos, updated the OS and had a new Mac. So, evaluate the minimum requirements prior to you purchase the unit. It likewise operates on Windows Systems Second * little * issue…

I had actually not upgraded the firmware or even the controls around the unit prior to I utilized it, therefore the default Pacific Standard Time was allowed and all the recordings I had actually made were off by three hours Not Really A big deal, however simply a caveat that you ought to evaluate the machine settings for example Time-Zone, movie quality, protection BROUGHT, etc BEFORE you began utilizing the unit. For being too eager that’ll teach me! Likewise, Thinkware suggests that you reformat the SD card every couple of weeks, for optimum performance. This can be a great idea, while you have gigabytes of data being composed and recorded daily, so good sense is made by wiping it periodically.

I was unprepared for the variety of choices offered for viewing the videos within the Thinkware PC viewer app and the quantity of data at my fingertips. I might view the GPS coordinates of the particular time I had been viewing on the video, and my path as I drove; it reveals a place of where I had been and where I had been going when I advanced through my drive; I might see a compass revealing instructions; I might view my speed based on the GPS satellites. When viewing videos and you pass a published speed limit sign and glimpse at the speed indicator, you’ll begin to recognize how frequently you drive above the published speed limitation But, I digress… You can focus on videos, if you had been a police agency for instance, to check out a license plate possibly. You stopped briefly to see the wide angle image or can pivot the video while playing when you’ve focused. You can see the best or left side of the screen extremely quickly! You can likewise see the optional rear camera in its video window. I did not check it, so the window simply states Rear Camera.

If you’ve allowed voice recording, you’ll likewise hear exactly what you were paying attention to, exactly what you were stating in the car, or simply how frequently you singalong to King’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” I forget in some cases that it is recording inside the vehicle, however this might be a crucial tool throughout a crash investigation, ought to police require the video. Voice recording can be handicapped, however you should not… truly.

This little device has actually likewise assisted the police nab TWO reduced/distracted drivers! Both drivers were altering speeds unpredictably, diverting into other lanes, stopping for no apparent reason, and so on. OPP were fast to react to both and I discussed the dispatcher that dashboard camera video was offered if required. They were grateful!

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