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E-Prance-New-Mini-0801-Ambarella-A2S60Main technical specifications

Product Typemini0801Max. Resolution1080P
ReliabilityAverageVideo Quality (day/night)Very Good/Average
PriceCheck Latest PriceG Sensoryes
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Size (mm)75x47x3.5mm
GPSyesViewing Angle 135°
Screen1.5"Max. Card Size32GB

Dash Cam have become widespread in contemporary times. The Mini 0801 dash cam is a very good thing. This is actually the lowest diagram accessible with a LCD display, GPS, G- to 1080P recording and detector. It can conceal behind the rear view mirror without worrying about being tumultuous.

The video quality is sharp and quite clear both night and day, better than other dash cams as well as I have had this dashboard camera on my automobile about two months now I have attempted. At night, the picture is very clear and sound free thanks to Ambarella A2s processor and the 5MP detector used on higher priced cameras.

This camera will conceal without anyone knowing it is here and readily fits behind most mirrors is extremely little. From the passenger seat, Smart Car is not partly observable and observable from the drivers seat in my bit. My only criticism is this a bluish given birth to inform you it is on but not bright adequate to be observed past the mirror. A tiny piece of black tape will look after that when it’s diverting to you personally.

The camera utilizes 3M double-stick try connect the mount towards the windshield. The power cable links for the Mount, not the camera which makes it easier to unclip the car camera without losing dash camera position. What is equally nice is the fact that it’s quite petite, perhaps 1″ square make it less noticeable. The mount is sturdy, will not go anywhere as well as the camera stays in place fairly nicely.

The windshield mounts additionally contains the electronic equipment for your GPS. The GPS can be utilized to monitor monitor the place, but logs speed. It will take under a minute to obtain a satellite signal. You’ve picked up the choice to display the speed in the video that is recorded, but may work against you in an injury, so best to let it save the information individually.

In addition, it has a g-detector that logs how tough you are in charge and if you’re turning, accelerating or ending. It can reveal that you did just try to prevent an accident. You are having to have to get a MicroSD card. Producer advocates as to prevent class 10 and 6 cards or Class 4. What I came across having a Class 10 cards is sometimes when the card was not empty, although it worked fine, it’d cease recording. Having a class four or six cards, it operated consistently on a regular basis. It may say there is a firmware fix in place that solves this, but to be safe, make use of a class 6 cards.

In the box, you bring a CD with a 12V adapter with a lengthy cable, a guide, an additional double stick tape pad, software, a USB cable, the windshield mounts as well as the camera. I really had no trouble managing the cable with the headliner, straight down the a-column, under the dashboard for a cleanse install.

I made use of software that included the camera, also it worked okay, regardless of the fact that not in addition to Registrator (free) which revealed Google maps with the video seamlessly played with clips collectively and had a satisfactory graph of speed travelled. As we are in a position view, the camera is shorter in relation to the 12V adapter.

Videos for mini 0801 Ambarella

To view them in the 1080P resolution that is complete, then the icon with at corners should automatically go into 1080P screening and you need to click on it to view the video full screen, if not click the equipment icon and choose 1080P.


Our Verdict

I am very impressed with this particular miniature camera. It is not particularly large, particularly when you consider it’s a color LCD screen. It just visible from the passenger seat and not observable from the driver’s seat and conceals nicely behind the mirror in all my autos. From exterior, you see light grey 3M pad. Some people located black double-stick tape that’s more invisible. Many people say you place black tape and can see the white letters. I deem it not too observable. I not thought of it or found it was there apart from the chime up and had it operating for 2 months.

In addition, it reduces my anxiety levels driving because people do dumb things and cut you off and I believe in myself, I’ve this all they will be able to talk their solution of the one.

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