The most affordable Car Camera – Mini 0803 Review

E-Prance-Mini-0803-Dash-CamFeatures of MINI 0803 1296p Dash Cam:

Product TypeMINI0803Max. Resolution1296P
ReliabilitygoodVideo Quality (day/night)Good/Good
Price$99.99G Sensoryes
Read Reviews40+ ReviewsSize (mm)75mm x 47mm x 35mm
GPSoptionalViewing Angle 135°
Screen1.5″Max. Card Size64GB

The E-PRANCE Mini 0803 is just a newer version of the Mini 0801 dash camera that is extremely successful. It operates with an Ambarella A7 chip, letting it record videos in 1296p quality. This is truly the greatest video resolution accessible currently. The Mini 0803 was launched in early 2014.

The internal components have received a comprehensive overhaul, while the camera’s outside is just like the Mini 0801’s, keeping the exceptionally distinct form factor. An Ambarella A7LA50D processor power the newer model, as well as the optical sensor (lens) is a Aptina AR0330. Resulting 2304*1296 pixel videos are great through the nighttime, and great during the day. Nighttime video quality needs to be strengthened with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology.

Such as the Mini 0801. The Mini 0803 additionally includes optional GPS and internal memory that are discretionary (up to 16GB). Notice that video can be registered in the memory card or the internal memory bank, although not on both. The GPS tracker, in case you go for it, is implemented in the foundation or mount the camera. Truly the camera’s foundation is just like the Mini 0801’s, and could be utilized interchangeably.

Users have reported that the Mini also works fine with 64GB SD cards while It formally admits to 32GB memory cards. 64 GB cards will let you record nearly seven hours of 1296p digital videos. The bit rate is twenty-one Mbps at 15 Mbps or 1296p when record at 1080p quality.

As usual, the dash camera includes iteration recording, time stamp and date (plus speed stamp when you have GPS), and vehicle on/away. A characteristic that is less common may be the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS). That will alarm you having a loud noise in the event you doze off while driving and depart from your lane. This could be a somewhat irritating feature in the event you alter lanes from day to day to overtake other vehicles, while it might sound right for truckers who drive in the exact same line for prolonged amounts of time. Obviously, this feature may be allowed and disabled utilizing the car cameras onscreen menu.

The Mini has not clearly better video quality in relation to the Mini, however it does be affected by a few quirks which have not yet been sorted out. Camera freezing has been declared by some users on the welcome screen after powering up it. Should it out, click the power button for around 10 seconds to do a reset and remove the SD card?

Another problem resides in the fact the cameras mute button for the mic will not appear to function correctly under some conditions. This really is a question that will be set with a next firmware update.

To mount it up, this really is an intriguing update for a camera that is tremendously popular and wonderful. Yet as this camera is fairly new in the marketplace, video quality has undoubtedly enhanced, there are plenty of childhood diseases that it should beat. Many users state that they’re quite content with the Mini 0803. Instead though, in the event that you happen to be fortunate with 1080p recording, you might need to really go for the Mini 0801 since a steep drop in price’s successor has seen the light of time, which has found it. Or, check out the GS6000 A7 if you had rather call a cutting edge 1296p dashboard camera of your own.

The Mini 0803 Video Samples and test

Day time video is quite pronounced even with overcast weather. Notice how readily license plates could be interpreted as better distances. Night time quality is quite sharp. This will not impede the complete video quality considerably, while there’s some glare from road and traffic lights. License plates and signs are readily readable at a moderate distance.

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