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G1W-G1WH-G1W-C-Dash-CamMain technical specifications

Product TypeG1WMax. Resolution1080P
ReliabilityAverageVideo Quality (day/night)Very Good/Average
PriceCheck Latest PriceG Sensoryes
Read Reviews500+ customer reviews
Size (mm)113x46x32mm
GPSno GpsViewing Angle 140°
Screen2.7" Max. Card Size32GB

I use the G1W whenever I drive.We have found that the G1W catches crisp high-definition video in-car testing After more than 40 hours of research,And interviews with expert reviewers, it is so easy to operate than any digital camera,You will be found on other much more expensive cars that have none of the unnecessary features.

If you don’t currently have one lying around, for less than $ 60,You can get a G1W and plus the price of a microSD card.You will find lots of persuading fakes of this great camera, and so make sure that buy from one from our links that had been approved.

Nevertheless, I would purchase the G1W, if I lived in a very hot climate.It is the exact same camera as the G1W, but it is a capacitor that has been used instead of a battery,Where batteries may not function optimally,We explain below which does better in tottering climates for reasons.

However, if i were nervous about that i buy from anonymous businesses more on below price,I had to get Dash Cam 10 of Garmin.And costs roughly 4 times just as much,it doesn’t truly do something better than the G1W,However, it does come backed by a company and a legitimate warranty with a reliable reputation.

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