Spy Tec K1S Dual Car Dash Camera Review

spy tec k1s dual dash camTechnical specifications

Product TypeSpy Tec K1SMax. Resolutionfront 1080p, rear 1080p
ReliabilityGoodVideo Quality (day/night)Good/ average
PriceCheck Latest PriceInterfacesHDMI, USB, AV
Read Reviews15+ Customer ReviewsFront/Rear Size (mm)28 x 28 x 32mm/28 x 28 x 32mm
GPSOptionalViewing Angle Front 160° , Rear160°
Screen2.7″Max. Card Size64GB

The Spy Tec K1S is the very first double 1080p dash camera that includes 2 small car cameras that can be set up individually in the recording unit. As a result, that is among the stealthiest dash cameras yet: The real rear adn front dealing with cameras that have to be set up in your car’s windows are extremely little, and the recording box, which has to do with the size of the deck of cards, can quickly be stashed in the glove box or somewhere else.

Launched in early 2015 from the company of chinese Koonlung, the K1S remains rather brand-new, so we cannot state a lot of yet about its long term reliability. With rear and front video being of practically similar quality, video quality is great at day time. In the evening, video footage is typical, with the front video camera carrying out a little much better than the rear unit because of its larger bitrate.
The K1S includes 5 parts that are all adjoined by cables: The main unit, the leading and rear cameras, the GPS module (that will be recommended), plus an external button (likewise optional) that functions as “emergency situation” file lock button. The button can likewise be utilized to begin and stop tape-recording.

The concept is to set up the button someplace quickly available, so if you see something that you ‘d such as to keep the video off, you do not need to remove the main unit.

5 parts linked by cables, plus the power supply, produce a fair little bit of cabling to be performed to establish this gadget. Thankfully, all cables and plugs are plainly identified, so there’s no of ending up being puzzled about which cable goes where danger.

Like all splash cameras, the K1S his car on video time, and /off, loop recording /date stamps, plus a speed stamp if you should be utilizing GPS. Keep in mind the speed stamp could be set to shut off when you surpass a certain speed, so you will not be gathering proof versus yourself in case you surpass the speed limit sometimes. This is an extremely useful feature that we have not been seen in other dashcams up until now.

The K1S helps a parking mode which makes the video camera come alive when the G-sensor detects an impact. Parking mode isn’t really buffered though, so it will just be tape-record whatever occurs after the impact, not exactly what occurred soon previously.

This dashcam includes a built-in microphone and speaker, however audio recording is bad, making it difficult to comprehend exactly what’s being stated inside the vehicle.

The K1S likewise consists of a cable if you have one for playing video on the screen of your vehicle’s DVD player back.

According to the producer, the device takes SD cards as much as 64GB in size, which could maintain about 5.5 hours of movie (top and back). Users have actually reported that it works great with 128GB cards, too.

While this video camera does utilize an internal battery, another function that stands apart is that unlike many other dash cams, theSpy Tec K1S enables you to exchange the battery if required (i.e. if the battery passes away). The battery is of the standard size likewise utilized in numerous action cameras, so it should not be challenging to discover a replacement.

The K1S concept can be an interesting development of the dash cam market, to summarize, and one that’s been long awaited for by those who had actually like their dash cam installations to become more discreet. The video camera does its work fairly well compared to many other double channel dash cams, while video and audio quality is not ideal. Likewise, it presents a number of appealing features that additional dash camera companies may certainly no doubt keep in mind of. It’s certainly worth providing a try to this device if you prefer a stealthier setup that does not require you to get all the hardware holding commonly noticeable in the front window of your car.

Spy Tec K1S Car Dash Camera Video sample


Front video quality is bright good and colorful, day time. Nevertheless, video footage isn’t the sharpest we have seen.
Day time rear video is great too. Quality resembles the front video camera’s footage. License plates are understandable while driving by.
In the evening, the video quality of the front camera is just average. Great deals of glare from lights and head lights. License plates may be checked out from up close, however not from even more away.
Night video quality is somewhat listed below average. Footage moving slowly or standing unless very close and license plates are difficult to make out and is a bit blurry.

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