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tao tronics tt-cd04 dashcamMain technical specifications

Product TypeTaoTronics TT CD04Max. Resolution1080P
ReliabilityGoodVideo Quality (day/night)Very Good/Good
Price$124.99G Sensoryes
Read Reviews50+ Customer reviewsSize (mm)58 x51x 18 mm
GPSnoViewing Angle 120°
Screen2.0"Max. Card Size32GB

Creating on the success of the freshly examined TaoTronics TT-CD01 dash cam will come the TaoTronics TT-CD04, a small product with the best specs, then it is the elder brother. The TT CD04 raises the dash camera from 640*480 to complete 1080p higher def videos at 30fps and has a considerably nicer look to it.

The TT CD04 has a mount, USB cable and charging cable so that an eight GB memory card prepared to usage right from the box and in addition you get it. The USB cable is a miniature USB cable instead of a micro-USB cable, as I could utilize my cellular/MP3 player cables it personally I’d have favored a USB cable that is micro.

Setup was really simple. In the base of the TT-CD04 is a few silver buttons that could be utilized to manage the on screen menus. The buttons allow the excellent small product down a very small as they really feel affordable and quite plastic for the cost but as you will not utilize these a lot after the first setup it is likely this will not be a problem in the lengthy run.

The windscreens mount was created in that way you can easily and quickly eliminate the car camera section without getting rid of the mount and attaches to the very top of the unit. Notice this is not designed to sit on your dash cam and has been made for connecting to glass. I especially say glass as the additional lengthy power cable means that you can possibly place this on any other window in your car or truck and continue to have the ability to make it to the power socket, thus if you wished to have it looking out the rear instead of the front that is no problem. Instead the lengthy cable is helpful in automobiles which have 2 power sockets, e.g. inside some versions of the Ford Focus there’s one following to the motorist and one inside the rear, meaning it does not stop you from always running a sat nav or charging your cellular while traveling.

After utilizing the TT-CD04, you will locate several files around the SD card as instead of creating just one giant file they are split by the TT CD04 up, making it a lot easier to locate a particular time when compared with looking thr one giant file. Image quality is exceptional and surprised me by exactly how great it’s. It is easy to see what is occurred in your trip. The device records found useful in the event you actually need you can listen to yourself sing. Or in case you would like to listen outside for some higher volume sound like tires squealing or a crash! Based on your automobile, you may hear lots of background sounds, particularly when going at speed to the motorway.

The TT-CD04 dashboard camera is a very nice small product that improves to the previously TT-CD01 in all approach. After setup, you will probably forget it is there bar the electrical power plug. That might be an issue and does have to be properly used on a regular basis in the event you have to power anything just like a sat nav. The keys do not feel as much as the high price tag, however the significant thing, as you will read in the under video, as it gives you extremely evident recording of your journeys.

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