Mini0806 Car DVR Video Recorder Review

Mini0806 Video Recorder

Technical specifications

Product TypeMini0806Max. Resolution1296P
ReliabilityVery GoodVideo Quality (day/night)Very Good/Good
PriceCheck Latest Pricenight vision(HDR)Yes
Read Reviews10+ Customer ReviewsSize (mm)65 x 37 x 35mm
GPSOptionalViewing Angle 135°
Screen1.5″ Max. Card Sizetwo 128GB(256GB)

The most recent payment of the most popular Chinese Mini 080x sequence, the Mini 0806 includes this line of cameras and a couple of very interesting features. It was launched in December of 2014.

While the design is a bit bary in the Mini 0801,Mini 0803, and Mini 0805 designs (which all utilized identical casings). The Mini 0806 dash cam includes a comparable however somewhat more edgy form factor. Like its predecessors, this camera is near-round, having a 1.5 ″ screens as well as a “base” or mount that may include an optional GPS receiver. So you do not need to disconnect it if you wish to take the camera with you. Simply as previously, the power cable enters into the mount. Nevertheless, understand that moving the Mini 0806 car dvr from the support does get some work.

Optimum video quality is 1296p (2304×1296 pixels) at 30 frames per minute. Additionally, you can select 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) at as much as 45 frames per minute. The larger frame-rate enables smoother video that will certainly catch more details, which might be available in case of an incident in handy.

Another interesting video option is 2560×1080 wide screen resolutions, which basically can be a 16:9 “scenery” structure.

There are likewise a number of lower resolution options that will certainly conserve your disk space.

Not that you’d have to conserve space, as the Mini 0806 dashboard camera has rather a great deal of storage capacity: It supports not just one, however 2 128GB memory cards to get a total of 256GB maximum storage. In a little rate of 21Mbps (the most bit-rate for this camera), this leads to an impressive total saving time greater than 24 hours.

Video quality is excellent, both at night time and at day. The Mini 0806 car carcorder is HDR function (High Dynamic Array) enables great night vision that catches practically all the necessary details. Another welcome feature will be the magnetic CPL (round polarization lens) mount that enable you to include an optional polarization filter before the camera’s contact. This filter decreases glare, from sunshine throughout the day time, however ought to be eliminated in the evening. Otherwise a bit darker wills turn out than typical.

In addition to the typical splash camera functions like cycle saving, car on/down and day/time/pace press, the Mini 0806 likewise supports a parking mode utilizing the camera is g-sensor, plus less-common functions like Street Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Ahead Collision Warning System (FCWS). Obviously you can shut off any features that you do not desire or require. LDWS for instance can be helpful for far away drivers that do not alter lines often, however can get irritating when operating in heavy traffic where you need to surpass or navigate often.

In summary, Mini 0806 dash camera records offers lot of features, and high quality night and video day that many additional splash cameras in a similar cost range do not have. Nevertheless, this seems to have some childhood diseases and still is a relatively new unit. Feedback from clients has actually been blended up until now: While some are extremely pleased, others are grumbling about faulty units.

Therefore obtaining a Mini 0806 car dvr that works as anticipated appearing to be struck and miss out on presently. Consider getting the Mini 0805 instead appears to be a lot more dependable and that has similar video quality if you ‘d rather not gamble. The Mini 0805 does not have all the Mini 0806’s functions though (most noteworthy distinctions being: Mini 0806 helps 256GB of memory vs. 128GB; has 135 ° seeing angle vs. 120 °; and it includes a magnetic CPL support).

Mini 0806 Dashcam Video sample


Day-time video is excellent, with crisp, brilliant colors. All details are plainly noticeable, and license plates are simple to check out at medium range.
Night video is extremely clear. Details are plainly specified, other than when rinsed by your very own head lights and license plates and signs can easily be read. This occurs sometimes and it’s an issue that dash cams have at night.

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