Mini 0903/nanoq 1080p Full HD Wifi Car Dashcam Dash Camera Review

Blueskysea EYOYO Mini 0903

Technical specifications

Product TypeMini 0903Max. Resolution1080P
ReliabilityVery GoodVideo Quality (day/night)Very Good/Very Good
PriceCheck Latest PriceWi-Fiyes
Read ReviewsAmazon Customer ReviewsSize (mm)66 x 33 x 40mm
GPSyesViewing Angle 135°
Screen1.5"Max. Card Size64GB

The Mini 0903 (likewise referred to as “Nano Q”) is among one of the most sophisticated types of the Oriental “Mini” cameras. We have composed a lot about this series currently, so we’ll attempt not to repeat ourselves here excessive. In case you have not yet become aware of the Small 080x/090x sequence.

Like many other Mini cams, the 0903 is rather little and discreet. In truth, at 66x33x40mm, it is the series’ smallest camera up until now. And much such as the other Mini cameras, it’s a-1.5 ″ screen and an optional GPS receiver within the camera’s base.

It tape-files 1080p video at 30fps, having a comparatively high-bit rate of 20 Mbps. Video quality is really rather outstanding: Footage is colorful and sharp, both at night and at day. Like many modern dash cams the Mini 0903 usages High Dynamic Range (HDR) to improve night recording.

Unlike the prior Small versions, this camera is situated upon a Novatek NT96655 processor (not on an Ambarella like its siblings). The sensing unit utilized is a Sony IMX322, integrated with a 7G lens.

Some other functions that set the Mini 0903 aside from its predecessors:

It includes a super capacitor rather of a battery, making it more dependable particularly in extremely hot or cold climates. Likewise, it is among the very first cameras of the series to integrate parking mode (even though itis low-buffered).

While in parking style, the Small 0903 documents constantly at a low frame rate, leading to a time-lapse effect. If an effect is spotted by the G-sensor, it will likewise tape-report regular movie (30fps) for 15 seconds following the occasion and conserve the video in a create-protected file, therefore it does not unintentionally get overwritten.

A magnetic mount to get a CPL filter is offered. CPL (circular polarization lens) filters decrease glare from sunlight, however they can likewise darken the video so you might wish to eliminate them in the evening. The CPL filter itself is not consisted of using the camera.

The camera could be installed left- or right handed whilst the on-screen 180 degrees can flip image. It likewise supports Wi-Fi, so apart from seeing footage on the built-in on your smart phone, you can also view it screen. Free apps are offered for Android and iOS.

Daytime video quality is outstanding. Footage is sharp with fantastic visibility of details, and great colors. Other vehicles’ license plates are quickly understandable, frequently even if operating by at high rates.

Night video quality is excellent. Colors are fantastic and all details are plainly noticeable, however readability of license plates depends quite on lighting conditions and the viewing angle, making it a hit and miss.

Mini 0903/nanoq 1080p Full HD Wifi Car Dashcam Video Sample

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