Lukas LK-7950 WD Car Blackbox Camera Review

Lukas LK-7950 WD DASH CAM

Technical specifications

Product TypeLukas LK-7950 WDMax. Resolution1080p
ReliabilityGreatVideo Quality (day/night)Great/Very Good
PriceCheck Latest PriceHigh Dynamic Rangeyes
Read ReviewsAmazon Customer ReviewsSize (mm)Front 109x 99 x 38mm Rear 28x 28 x 32mm
GPSOptionalViewing Angle Front 135° Rear130°
Screen2.4"Max. Card Sizetwo 256GB

In March 2015, Taiwanese manufacturer Qrontech launched the Lukas LK-7950 WD, a complete highlighted dual channel dash cam that supports Wifi, GPS ODB-II, buffered parking mode, and /GLONASS. Furthermore, Lukas dash cams are well understood for their tolerance of low and high temperatures. For usage in hot climates, it’s certainly a good idea to obtain a Lukas as they have no issues running at as much as 80 ° C(176 ° F).

It’s essential to keep in mind that the LK-7950 was not developed to be sneaky. With 11cm X-10 cm, the leading camera is big, like many other cameras of the size might have, and it does not even have a screen. It does include a lot of other functions though. Among that is Wifi, to help you utilize an iPhone or android device like a user interface and display for playing. The rear camera, on the other hand, is really rather few and discreet.

Movie quality of the Lukas LK-7950 WD is fantastic: it utilizes Sony Exmor IMX322 sensing units for both the rear cameras and the front, which both have 1080p resolution. By day, both ways, it records video that is very good as a result. Night video quality benefits the front camera and average to reasonable (depending upon the lighting situation) for your rear view.

As the top camera records 30 frames per 2nd (fps), the rear cam just does 24fps. 24fps shows sufficient to offer smooth video, and the quality difference in between the 2 cameras is very little. The main difference is video quality in the evening, which is mostly owed to that you do not have headlights on the back of your vehicle, and furthermore. The rear camera frequently gets blinded by other vehicles’ headlights. This, obviously, is an issue that dual channel dash cams deal with.

The LK-7950 facilitates High-Dynamic Array (HDR) for greater evening visibility. It GLONASS support and also has optional GPS. a UV filter is consisted of according to requirement, and you can likewise include an optional CPL filter to decrease insights at day time.

Actually, the unit is well developed and feels durable for the contact. Its Wifi adapter is really detachable for additional security. The adapter includes a normal USB interface, making it simple to utilize it with another device like a computer system or even to upgrade.

The LK-7950 WD helps buffered parking style, which enables you to keep the camera recording constantly when you are left. When the device spots any movement within its field of vision or with its G-sensor, video footage from 10 seconds prior to the occasion as much as 20 seconds after the occasion will be conserved. This provides you a much greater chance of really seeing exactly what occurred than cameras that just come to life after the occasion is spotted
Of course, while your car is parked, recording continuously can put a significant strain in your vehicle’s battery. The LK-7950 likewise includes an integrated battery discharge prevention. That will power the dash cam off when the batteries voltage falls below a particular voltage (configurable).

The camera itself utilizes an internal capacitor rather than a battery, enhancing overall longevity and its heat resistance.

Another outstanding feature may be the ODB-II interface, enabling you to tape-record your caris operating data (for example velocity, gas, brake, gear positions, and so on) together along with your video clip.

The cameras firmware could be updated over-the-air. Simply download it through your smart phone app, no physical intervention needed. It ought to be kept in mind that the Lukas app enables you to set up a wide range of choices and for Android and iPhone is quite straightforward to use, without being excessively completed.

While the producer declares as possible live-view your video feed through Wi-Fi, a small delay is often of about 2 seconds when streaming video. This implies that while inspecting your video feed is definitely possible. It’s not too useful to utilize this gadget as a backup camera.

In conclusion, the Lukas LK-7950 WD is among the most advanced dual channel dash cameras out there today (late 2015). It surpasses our previous dual channel beloved, the BlackVue DR650GW, in a number of methods. While the DR650GW is definitely smaller sized, the LK-7950 has better video quality because of its better rear-view resolution and sensing unit. Additionally, it supports ODB-II, has an eight times larger memory capacity, and a higher temperature resistance.

Lukas LK-7950 WD Dashboard Camera Video Review

Day-time video quality of the leading camera is excellent. All information is plainly noticeable, and indications and license plates of other vehicles are understandable even in a substantial distance.

Rear video quality at a time is great. License plates of surpassing vehicles are simple to check out by stopping briefly in the video.

In the evening, video quality of the leading camera is likewise rather great. All information is clear, by pausing the video license plates are a little harder to check out when driving by at high speeds, however can be made understandable. They are quickly understandable even at medium distance, when standing at a traffic light.

Rear video quality in the evening is reasonable. Your headlights do not light up behind your car certainly, so as it depends upon the lighting and view angle, checking out license plates can be struck and miss out on. This is to be expected though because it gets to get a backward facing car camera, and visibility is about as good

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