GoPro Hero4 Action Cams Camcorder Review

gopro hero4 Camcorder

Technical specifications
Product TypeGoPro Hero4Camcorder Sensor Resolution12MP
ReliabilityBestVideo Quality (day/night)Best/Great
PriceCheck Latest PriceWireless Connection Bluetooth, Wireless LAN
Read Reviews500+ Customer ReviewsSize (inches)9.72 x 4.09 x 4.02inches
GPSNoWidescreen Video Capture Yes
Continuous Shooting Speed 10 frames per secondMax. Card Size64 GB

For the money, you will get the video camera, a waterproof housing that’s great to 131 feet (40 yards), skeleton and contact back entrances, 2 adhesive mounts (one flat and one rounded), outside and vertical quick-release buckles that connect to all-time low of the video camera’s housing along with a three-way pivot arm, to help you install the video camera on top, entrance, or aspect of the helmet.

Small locking plug (likewise consisted of) can be utilized to assist avoid the buckles from unintentionally launching of the support of pressure or vibration. There’s no charge within the box for the video camera, simply a Mini-USB cable if you have one for charging via USB or computer wall adapter. There is likewise no microSD card consisted of for storage, so on getting at least among those plans.
GoPro kept the basic dimensions the like the Hero3/3+, so you can still utilize those real estates also, if you have one of those. Exactly what you cannot utilize are your old batteries.

The battery compartment was revamped so that you load the pack into a slot and simply move open a door on the bottom. It likewise needed a new battery design, although it makes switching batteries out a lot easier. The conspiracy theorist in me states GoPro did this to require you to purchase new batteries at $20 a pop (₤ 16, AU$ 34) plus a new external charger (although Blue Nook currently has its non-OEM Wasabi packages in manufacturing).

Left wing can be a removable Easy To-shed address safeguarding Micro hdmi and Mini-USB ports along with a microSD slot supporting cards as much as 64GB. The Mini USB port is utilized for charging and moving material in your microSD card, however can likewise be utilized with an optional 3.5mm stereo mic cable so you can connect an external mic. Likewise, beside the touch screen will be the Hero port that allows you to connect GoPro’s Battery BacPac, if you do, though you’ll be obstructing the screen.

The video camera’s button layout stays the exact same, however exactly that which was the Wifi power switch to the best part has become a “Hilight Label.” Going through hours of video searching for this one cool moment can be tiresome. You struck the button instantly after that cool moment occurs so you can discover it quickly later on when seeing in GoPro’s totally free mobile application or desktop Studio software and it’s tagged while recording with the Hero4. It’s a nice addition, although it’s not the very first action cam to have a function like this.

The button accesses your settings menus, when not recording. Menus on past models were chaos, however GoPro made things a bit simpler by making everything conscious which mode you’re in. That implies if you are in video-capture mode and push the settings button, you’ll just get the settings options for video.

Considered that there are so other shooting options, frame rate and any resolution, this reduces considerably about the menu hunting. Plus, since you need to get into a separate settings mode to switch on Wi-Fi it implies that it kills your battery and will intentionally kick on in your bag.

The 1.5-inch touch screen on back could be utilized for altering modes and settings, too. Simply swipe in from the right and choose your mode. Then swipe up from an all-time low and alter your mode settings.


The present gold-standard for image-quality. Particularly the dark version with greater resolutions and frame-rates, however at 1080p60 the silver looks simply as great. Audio is spick-and-span and low-light circumstances are met low noise. Terrific dynamic ranges. Sets bench for sharpness, too. Lots of devices offered, and it consists of an incident that is waterproof to 131 feet. Provides models that other cameras do not have (like 2.7 K Movie, 4:3 percentages, and SuperView). Lighting and comfy to use, and the menu system is simpler to browse than previous iterations.

The touch screen to the silver edition looks fantastic. It’s sharp and simple to check out outdoors, and makes it a lot easier to guarantee you get the shot you desire. It is a real shame the black does not own it, too.


It still requires a housing to be water resistant. Battery redesign implies you cannot utilize your old batteries and battery life will certainly still not be too long for some. No choice for in-camera digital image stabilization.

GoPro Hero4 video sample

Basically, video shot using the Hero4 (each black and Silver editions) looks much better than the competition.Details are critically, and sharper, colors are more accurate, the GoPro has excellent dynamic range. Also if a subject is backlit from the sun, you can typically see their face. It seems like HDR, and it’s truly outstanding. Likewise, the low-light capabilities are much enhanced this year, GoPro likewise has frame rates to choose from, resolutions, and the most video modes.

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