GT680W Dashcam Review

E-Prance-GT680W-Dash-CamTechnical specifications

Product TypeE-Prance GT680WMax. Resolution1080P
ReliabilityGoodVideo Quality (day/night)Good/Good
PriceCheck Latest PriceG Sensoryes
Read Reviews40+ customer reviewsSize (mm)105x61x47mm
GPSOptional GPSViewing Angle 140°
Screen2.0″Max. Card Size32GB

What is the role of the E-Prance GT 680W in improving people’s lives?

The E-Prance GT 680W camera comes with high-quality unique features that help in improving people’s lives in different ways. It can be used to record high-quality videos for personal use given its maximum resolution is 1920x1080p. The GT 680w review also explains the advantages of using this camera. The following are the technical specifications of this camera that makes it unique and outstanding.

Features of E-Prance GT 680W Dashboard Camera

Apart from the above mentioned features such as 12MP photo resolution, date and time stamp, auto on/off, G-sensor, loop recording etc, the dash cam also comes with an impressive 140 degrees wide angle of view. This feature makes it superior and unique hence it can’t be compared to any other car camera in the same category. I tried using a different car camera but the E-Prance GT 680W dash cam proved to be the best. The GPS feature is great since it gives you the option of choosing whether you want to enable it or whether to disable it. However, the prices are not the same for the GPS enabled cameras and the ones without GPS. All in all, I came to realize that the GPS enabled cam is more advantageous than the ones without GPS. Therefore, it is advisable that you acquire a dash camera with GPS.

Advantages of the E-Prance GT 680W camera

The main reason why I found this camera more advantageous is simply because it can log the GPS position and also records the vehicle’s speed in the video. The other thing that impressed me while using the GPS enabled dashboard cam is the fact that I was able to google maps and play video at the same time using the provided software. Just to add on top, the small sized E-Prance GT 680W camera is worth acquiring for its discreetness. If you want to avoid attracting anyone’s attention towards the camera while recording some funny or stunning videos, then you can simply install it behind the rear view mirror of your vehicle.

In case you need to make any changes to the settings of this camera, then you will find its features very handy since it has a 2” high-quality TFT LCD screen for easy operation. I also found the camera’s menu very easy to use since the instructions are written in simplified Chinese and English language. Therefore, using the menu will be like a walk in the park. Another interesting feature that I can add in this GT 680w review about the camera is that you can enter the number plate of your vehicle in the number plate stamp that is featured in the camera. It will be displayed in case you need to go through the recorded video. Another important and interesting feature about this camera is that one can use it to prove a case in court in case of an insurance fraud or accident.

E-Prance GT680W Dashboard Camera Video Samples


Our Verdict

I have experienced many interesting features with the GT 680W camera. In terms of size, the camera is more convenient and it comes in different colors including black or black and silver. The recording speed is awesome since it records at 15Mbps bit rate. You will also come to notice that the video quality is high whether at night or during the day. The night-time performance is enhanced by the wide dynamic range function. The camera is easy to use since the set up and the calibration is made simple by the 2.7” screen. Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable, high-quality dashboard cam, then E-Prance GT 680W is the best choice.

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