DVR 270 Dash Cam Review

DVR 270 Dash CamTechnical specifications

Product TypeDVR 270Max. Resolution720P
Video Quality (day/night)Good/General
PriceCheck Latest PriceG Sensoryes
Read Reviews2100+ Customer ReviewsSize (inches)5.7 x 4.5 x 3.5
GPSnoViewing Angle 120°
Screen 2.5″ Max. Card Size32GB

The DVR 270 dash cam is 5.7 ″ long, 4.5 ″ broad,  3.5 ″ high, so it’s fairly compact in size and light-weight. It has a flip-down 2.5 ″ LCD screens that show the actual time video and it includes a 270 degree whirls. Right above the LCD display about the back of the system are 2 backlit buttons– and ON your Enter and /OFF button / Select button for the menu settings. Rechargeable ion battery slides beneath a removable cover on top of the system. On a single aspect of the Dash Cam you’ve a position for an analog Video Out connector and your SD memory card. Dash Cam’s other side has to reset switch and the car adapter power connector.

This Dash Cam is extremely simple to install. Connect the camera to the mount after placing the battery and SD card to the system. The amount suctions onto your windscreen. We discovered the suction mount to be extremely protected and durable. The provided power adapter has an 11 ′ long cord which is sufficient to conceal wires when setting up.

Since it has a 12hr rechargeable battery, the HD Portable DVR can be utilized without a power wire. For those who do not wish to complete a permanent mount, this wireless solution is fantastic. A screen indicator is that will certainly show the battery level and an audible sound chimes notifying you to the low battery level, if the battery gets too low.

After setting up and switching on the system, we went through all modes and the menu options. You will find 4 various settings for this Splash Camera that include: PC Playback, Camera, Video Recording, and Audio mode. To change modes, just push the “MODE” button beneath the flip-down LCD display. There are signs within the top left-hand part of the LCD display which will certainly reveal you which mode you are in.

Initially, let’s discuss the standard mode– the Videorecording Function. To change the video resolution, just click the “SELECTION”, “DOWN”, “ENTER/OK” buttons. You’ve 3 recording resolution options that are: 1280×960 / 720×480 / 640×480 pixels. The default will be the greatest, 1280 x 960. The camera lense has 6 front facing infra-red and has a 120 degree viewing angle LEDis for evening or low light driving conditions. Various other nice video settings are Cycle Shooting, Motion Detection, and Video Time Stamp. Through the “MENU” you can choose the “CYCLE PERIOD” to 2 mins/5 mins/10 minutes.

The Camera mode enables you to take immediate pictures. Just click the “MODE” button up until you see the “video camera” indicator light from the top left-hand part of the LCD display. To have a snap shot picture, push the “ENTER/OK” button. You’ll certainly hear an audible camera shutter sound to notify you the picture was taken. auto On /off the date stamp in Camer mode, you can adjust exposure, quality, the size and turn. These all extremely good functions to get.

The PC/Playback mode enables you to immediately evaluate current videos on your 2.5 ″ LCD screen. A little “Play” button with within the top left-hand part of the LCD display identifies the playback mode. You can likewise utilize the provided USB cable television to hook your Dash Cam straight into laptop’s USB port or your computer. No motorists or software application are have to see the files.

The Audio mode enables you turn ON/OFF the video camera’s audio functions.
Besides options and the different modes, Dash Cam includes a “RESOURCES” menu accessible through the “SELECTION” button. To obtain the “TOOLS”, struck the “MODE” button and then the “MENU” button. Options include: Sounds, Language, Panel Protect, Date & Time, Power Frequency, TELEVISION Out, Structure, Startup Picture, IR LED, Reset All, and Edition.

DVR 270 Dashboard Camera Video Review


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