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DDPai M6 Plus Technical specifications

Product TypeDDPai M6 PlusMax. Resolution1440P
ReliabilityGreatVideo Quality (day/night)Great/Very Good
PriceCheck Latest PriceBit rate10.5 Mbps
Read ReviewsCustomer ReviewsSize (mm)64mm x 33mm x 65mm
GPSYesViewing Angle 140°
mobile connect/WifiYesMax. Card Size128 GB

The DDPai M6 Plus is an unobtrusive Asian dash cam which was launched in mid 2016. It records a maximum video resolution of 2560 × 1440 (1440p) at 25 frames per 2nd, also as lower resolutions like 2304 × 1296 (1296p) and 1920 × 1080 (1080p) at 30 frames per minute.

Its video quality is great at night time, and excellent at day. The DDPai M6 Plus feels solid to the touch and has great build quality. Nonetheless, this really isn’t one of the most easy -to-use dash cameras. So, unless you’re very pleased to dive to the deep end, we do not always advocate this version for beginners.

Exceptional features of the camera that set it in addition to the contest, Magnetic mount, Remote, wireless emergency button, Trendy, minimalistic design, Parking mode, Builtin GPS, Wifi, Discretionary CPL filter. This is actually the first camera we have evaluated that features a magnetic mount, which significantly simplifies removing and reinstalling the camera. Naturally, you have to stick on the magnetic base for your window, that will be accomplished using 3M adhesive tape.

The M6 can be the sole dash cam to date to have a wireless remote emergency button (the K1S additionally includes a remote emergency button, but it links to the fundamental unit by cable). When you press on the button, the camera takes a picture and records 10 seconds of video, which after that it automatically copies for your mobile via Wifi.

We actually enjoy this camera’s fashionable and minimalistic design. The single cable visiting the camera will be the power cable, which links to the magnetic mount by means of a USB plug. Remember that you CAn’t move information via this plug, it is for power supply only.

There isn’t any display, as well as the single button to the camera itself is just a tiny reset button. After put up, the camera records automatically if the engine of the car’s is operating, no user intervention needed. All configuration is done through the cellular telephone app, which you may download for free for Android and iOS smart phones.

Obviously you can review videos in your mobile too, however they take a while to transmit over Wifi. Stick it into a computer to see your records and it is quicker to merely take the microSD card from the rear of the camera. As the M6 supports upto 64GB cards formally, 128GB cards also have been reported to work (be sure to format them through the app however, whilst the M6 just takes FAT32 formatted cards).

There are green for record: Reddish for electricity, there are only three LEDs on the very top of the camera, and blue for the built-in GPS receiver.

A CPL filter is accessible individually. The filter clearly enhances the camera’s operation in bright sunlight.

The English guide is acceptable, but fairly short and does not got into lots of details.

Bear in mind that its firmware updates are downloaded by the M6 automatically via your mobile, so in the event you are going to use this camera be sure you are in possession of a data plan that is good!

This camera supports timelapse parking mode, taking one image per second. A 75 minute time span, that way is compressed. Additionally, when an event is found, the camera record and will “wake up” 10 seconds of video that is standard. Buffered parking mode isn’t supported.

Some users have reported problems linking for the camera having an Android phone. This issue is usually resolved by disabling the Android’s cellular telephone data connection on the phone.

A clear downside of the camera is the fact that as the app is in English, the voice alerts of the camera are in Chinese. In addition, in case you select to show a rate stamp on your own video, there’s presently no way to place it to miles per hour — the rate stamp is in kilometers just. These problems will be adressed with a future firmware update.

This really is a stylish, unobtrusive camera with great video quality, day as well as night, to summarize. It installs with a minimum number of cabling, as well as the magnetic mount lets you take out the apparatus with no hassle of unplugging anything. In the event you’re do not mind the Chinese voice alerts, and joyful to prepare the camera using your cell phone, this might be the perfect dashboard cam for you.

Day time video quality is really great. License plates and all signs are sharp and simple to read, even at moderate distance. Nighttime video quality is not bad. License plates are not difficult to see when close, but become fuzzy with increasing distance.

DDPai M6 Plus Car Dashcam Video Sample

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