DashCam New Products – A118 /AE CC30/ Tiesfong B40  Review

A118-Tiesfong-B40-AE-CC30-Dash-CamFeatures of GT680W Dash Cam

Product TypeA118Max. Resolution1080P
ReliabilityGeneralVideo Quality (day/night)Good/General
Price$79.95G Sensoryes
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40+ reviewsSize (mm)72mm x 52mm x 43mm
GPSoptionalViewing Angle 170°
Screen1.5″Max. Card Size64GB

Chinese manufacturing company Tiesfong be published in mid 2014 the A118. Like many Chinese dashboard cams, it is also known as and goes by various names AE CC30 or Tiesfong B40. In the interest of readability, we’ll stay with A118 for the review.

This car camera is among most discreet and the lowest we’ve seen higher now. Unlike most other dashboard cams, it comes with no mount, sticking to the wind screen via 3M adhesive tape. This will make the A118 really seem like it’s part of the vehicle, and not like an additional gadget. The reddish surface adheres right to window, making the A118 extremely discreet. In addition, the A118 is all black. That is an enormous plus concerning discreetness.

The A118 information at 1080p resolution. A118’s video quality is typical during the nighttime, and excellent at bay. Video is comparable to the G1W , but the A118 is not clearly worse. Price-wise the A118 is someplace in the Mini 0803 as well as between the G1W, thereby constituting a welcome addition to the price range that is lower.

An external GPS module may be obtained individually, while GPS isn’t contained by default. The A118 comes with all of the essential dashboard cam functions like iteration recording, date/time stamp and auto on/off. AG-detector is additionally present to maintain your video data files from to be overwritten should a direct effect occur. Video files may be set to 1, 3, or five minutes spans, which is pretty much normal now.

Electronics-wise the A118 relies upon an Aptina AR0330 CMOS detector and the Novatek NT96650 processor. It’s a 1.5″ screen and records in a bit rate around 15Mbps. Users have got to operate with 64MB cards too. Although like the majority of cameras, it’s designated to take up to it MB memory cards.

At 170deg, the viewing angle is enormous, bigger than every other dashboard cam that we’ve reviewed up to now. Clearly, this results in a fisheye effect that is conspicuous, but that may appear to be an acceptable price to cover significantly increased field of view. Exactly what sets this dash cam apart is its radical shape, allowing you to mount it right on the windshield. That it does not mean a seperate mounts makes the A118 much more discreet than other dashboard cams.

This really isn’t truly essential, regardless of the fact that a triangular bracket is additionally comprised the camera could be attached to. For greatest discreetness, we advocate you simply blow off tape and the bracket the camera straight for the windscreen. That is just like simple to do. Just be sure to not mount it to near the roof of your car, as about one centimeter of place is required above the camera to shove on it upwards in order t. In addition, in the event you’re going to join the mini-USB cable towards the camera although it’s mounted, be sure to make enough space for the stopper as it enters the camera’s very top.

Calculating it, the A118 camera provides lots of outstanding features, at a manageable price. For around $20 greater than the G1W dashcam, you build a quality, and get daytime video data files quality, but an exceptional field of view, form factor, discreetness. For a dashboard camera in this price, the A118 is undoubtedly an very good choice.

A118 Car Camera Video Samples

Day time cinematic quality is clear and sharp, with vivid colors. Details like license plates and signs are nicely readable at a moderate distance. Night time video quality is a little grainy. While many details are still observable, other cars’ license plates are difficult to view, except from up close.

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