BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Dual Channel Dashcam Review

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH dashcam

Technical Details

Product TypeBlackVue DR650GW-2CHMax. Resolutionfront 1080p, rear 720p
ReliabilityGreatVideo Quality (day/night)Great/Very Good
PriceCheck Latest PriceCustomer Stars4.0
Read Reviews50+ Customer ReviewsSize (mm)Front 118.5 x 36mm
rear 67 x 28 mm
GPSYesViewing Angle 129° diagonal, 103° horizontal, 77° vertical/129° diagonal, 108° horizontal, 57° vertical
ScreenNoMax. Card Size 64GB

Launched in middle 2014, the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH can be an upgraded version of the extremely effective DR550GW-2CH dash camera program, including and enhancing numerous functions while likewise repairing a few of its predecessor’s shortcomings.

Right here’s exactly what’s brand-new:

  • All black casing: The 1 thing that hits the attention concerning the DR650GW is the fact that the casing has become mainly black, other than for that “BLACKVUE Wifi Full-HD” emblem. The extremely reflective silver ring rounds the contact has become history. Together using the grey ring round the car camera mount. This can be a definite improvement producing the camera much more discreet. For included stealth, cover it with black adhesive tape or some users want to overprint the BlackVue logo.
  • 2.4 MP CMOS sensor: the leading camera’s sensor has actually been updated from 2MP to 2.4 MP CMOS.
  • Reduced viewing angle: the leading cameras seeing angle are now 129 ° instead of 137 °, allowing for a less distorted picture, but also leading to a smaller field of vision.
  • Increased bit rate: roughly 50% for both the rear cameras and the front have increased The bit rate. The rear camera utilized to have 2 Mbps has more than 8.5 Mbps, and the front camera utilized to have 6 Mbps and now has over 3 Mbps.
  • Heat issue dealt with: When compared with some older BlackVue versions, the DR650GW is much less most likely to struggle with overheating.
  • Enhanced coax cable: The coaxial cable that links rear cameras and the front is thinner than the DR500GW’s, which makes it a lot easier to set up. Likewise, it is offered in a variety of measures (15m, 10m, and 6m), so that it will certainly fit in cars of any size.
  • Memory card simpler to take: The cover since the SD-card is now able to be opened without formerly disconnecting the coax cable, making it replace and easier to remove the card.
  • Much better sound quality: Sound recording has actually been enhanced with regard to the DR550GW, which in some cases had difficulties with distortion.
  • 64 GB SD-card helps: The BlackVue DR650GW-2CH supports as much as 64GB SD-cards, enabling a total recording time greater than ten hours.
  • Firmware Overtheair (FOTA): The splash camera of firmware may upgrade itself immediately through Wifi when you have the corresponding app set up on your phone. Apps are offered totally free for Android and iOS system. No further inconvenience following update procedures that are complicated and downloading the firmware to your computer system initially.

The improved bit rate, better front decreased front seeing angle lead to noticeably better video quality as compared with the DR550GW, particularly in the evening and CMOS sensor. The DR650GW does not appear to have these issues, while the older model in some cases struggled with varying image quality and pixelation.

Discreetness has actually enhanced due to the DR650GW’s mainly black casing. Likewise, functionality is easier and much better according to the varying cable length removal of the memory card.

Video recording time has actually been enhanced to more than ten hours, however ensure to obtain a 64GB sd-card with the device.

The DR650GW has a voice menu that makes it simple to run even within the absence of the screen, extensive features like GPS, and Wi-Fi, enabling you to link the dash cam for configuration and computer or your smart phone and video viewing.

Due to the overheating issue that is apparently resolved and its improved video quality, we certainly suggest this camera within the DR550GW.

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Car Camera Video sample

Top video is excellent at day time. Footage license plates of nearby vehicles to become checked out without difficulty and is sharp and crisp, allowing signs.

Rear video quality is fair, day time. License plates of cars behind are quickly understandable. Nevertheless there’s an obvious quality drop compared with the leading camera because of 720p resolution.

Top video quality is great in the evening time. All information consisting of license plates is simple to determine.

Rear video quality is typical in the evening. You can see exactly what is going on behind your vehicle. While not too sharp, and license plates of nearby cars are understandable.

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