BlackSys CH-100B Dash Cam Review

BlackSys CH-100B

Main technical specifications

Product TypeBlackSys CH-100BMax. Resolutionfront 1080p, rear 720p
ReliabilityGreatVideo Quality (day/night)Great/Very Good
PriceCheck Latest PriceBit rateFront:6 Mbps, Rear:4 Mbps
Read ReviewsCustomer ReviewSize (mm)Front 100 x 58x 34mm, Rear 50 x 31 x 26mm
GPSOptionalViewing Angle Front 135° diagonal, 107° horizontal, 55° vertical, Rear 130° diagonal, 105° horizontal, 54° vertical
ScreenNo Max. Card Size128GB

The BlackSys CH-100B is a double channel dash cam that was launched middle 2015 from the Korean company, Cammsys. This gadget includes a stylish, discreet front unit that can tape-report 1080p at 30fps, a little rear camera that information 720p at 30fps, along with a durable 20ft (6m) cable television to link the 2.

The CH-100B can be an easyto-install, easy-to-use camera that includes numerous sophisticated features, low voltage cutoff and such as true parking mode. Recommended additional GPS/ GLONASS and OBD segments could be obtained individually. The camera does not have a screen. It will support Wi-Fi however, to help you manage it through iOS smart phone or an Android.

The video quality of the front camera is good, at night time as well as at day. Video that is fair is recorded by the rear camera at day. It carries out well in the evening too, offered the street is lit up. Nevertheless on dark roads, you will not have the ability to see much as you do not have the rear view to enlighten.

The CH-100B may take memory cards of as much as 128GB capability. A card of this size will enable you to tape-report over 24 hours of top and rear video.

Rear-view of the BlackSys CH-100B entrance device
Links on the front unit are big and simple to reach. From delegated correct: Lock document, Wifi on/off, Amount up, Volume down
The leading camera has 4 buttons: A big someone to lock files in the event you ‘d want to conserve the footage of an occasion (likewise called “emergency button”), a button to toggle Wifi, and 2 buttons to increase and reduce volume. The camera supports 21 languages and has voice alerts.

Listed below the buttons there are 4 LEDs that suggest GPS signal, rear cam recording, front cam recording, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Keep in mind that this camera is likewise offered like a single channel version, that you can later on update to double if preferred.

You set up the CH-100B through Wi-Fi, tablet or using a smart phone. Apps are offered for Android and iOS, and they’re rather user-friendly and simple to utilize. There are a lot of settings in the apps to note them all here, however a few the more notable ones consist of:
Change lighting for top and rear camera (separately), Switch rear camera picture horizontally, Manage standby-time for parking style, Established g sensor awareness, Manage cut off voltage to prevent draining pipes the battery in parking mode, GPS: show speed in miles per hour or km/h, GPS: established time area, collection summer season, GPS: shut off when in parking mode (conserves battery), Set sd card capability for each of: normal recording, occasions (G-sensor or button set off), and motion detection (parking style), Modify motion detection to entire screen or any part of screen

You can likewise view live video footage in your smart phone, nevertheless there is a hold-up around 2 seconds, so there is no point in utilizing the BlackSys like a backup camera for parking. Likewise, a rear dealing with dash camera ought to be installed high up about the window, while backup cameras are preferably installed at about the top of the bumper.

To sum up, the BlackSys CH-100B has an excellent app, lots of useful features, and a great form factor. Video quality isn’t really ideal, however it’s fine for a two-way system. It seems extremely dependable up until now, while this camera is still rather brand-new. Also, it is easy use and to install, and post sales customer assistance is outstanding– making the BlackSys CH-100B a suggested buy, and among our favorites for 2016.

BlackSys CH-100B Car Camera Video Sample


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