Blacksys CF-100 2CH Dash Camera Review

BlackSys CF-100 2CH dash camTechnical specifications

Product TypeBlackSys CF-100 2CH Max. Resolutionfront 1080p, rear 720p
ReliabilityVery GoodVideo Quality (day/night)Very Good/ Good
PriceCheck Lastest PriceVideo formatAVI
Read ReviewsAmazon Customer ReviewsSize (mm)100 x 58 x 34mm
GPSOptionalViewing Angle Front 130°, Rear120°
ScreenNoMax. Card Size32GB

The BlackSys CF-100 is Korean dual-channel dashcam which was launched in mid 2013. It is offered for $200 or less, and with considerably greater priced two-way dash cams it can compete in terms of video quality. Keep in mind that there are likewise single-channel versions of the camera around the marketplace, which is identified 1CH rather of 2CH.

The dual-channel version includes a front camera, that will be the main unit (illustrated above), and a little, cylindrical rear camera that connecteds into the main unit through a long coax cable. The BlackSys CF-100 does not have an in-built screen, like most other dashcams do, nor is there Hardware or HDMI output. To evaluate your video footage, you should either link the AV jack of the camera and an external screen, or take its SD card into your PC system or smart phone. Viewing Application for Mswindows is consisted of.

The front camera records with a bit rate of 14Mbps at 1080p, creating great video footage at evening, and night time video is likewise excellent. The rear unit only has a bit rate that is 4Mbps and operates at 720p, leading to great day time video, however bad night time footage sadly.

The BlackSys CF-100 includes cycle recording, car on/off, g-sensor, and parking style. An additional GPS device should be obtained individually ought you require it. When in use, you should track your driving path on Google Maps utilizing the CF-100is watching application.

Another distinctive characteristic of the dash cam is its capability to buffer video when running in parking mode. It will certainly save money video footage from 10 seconds prior to as much as 20 seconds after the event, when an impact is detected. Sure to utilize a battery discharge prevention gadget when utilizing the camera in parking mode for prolonged time periods though.

The camera includes a large emergency button so you should save money and video segments that you wish to avoid being overwritten. Likewise, it utilizes a capacitor rather of an internal battery. Capacitors are less most likely to end up being harmed due to overheating and typically have an a lot longer life expectancy than batteries.

In conclusion, the BlackSys CF-100 is just a good option if you should deal with the poor rear video quality in the evening. It does include all the dash cam basics as well as supports GPS plus a buffered parking function while it does not have a lot of additionals like the BlackVue cameras do. At about $100, the CF-100 Likewise a lot less expensive than many other dual-channel Dash cams that provide appropriate video clip.

BlackSys CF-100 Car CameraVideo sample


Top video quality is fantastic. Details on the surrounding structures are sharp and plainly noticeable, and indications and license plates of nearby cars are simple to check out.

Rear Video quality is great throughout the day time. It is certainly not also specified as the front video, as this is 720p, however the vehicle driving behind is plainly noticeable.

Forward video in the evening is excellent. Once again, events closely and all relevant details about the camera are plainly noticeable.

The rear video caught in the evening is extremely dark. You likely will not have the ability to check out many license plates, while it is possible to determine basically exactly what’s occurring.

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