FineVu CR-500HD Review

FineVu-CR500HD-Dash-CamTechnical specifications

Product TypeFineVu CR-500HDMax. Resolution1080P
ReliabilityGreatVideo Quality (day/night)Excellent/Very Good
PriceCheck latest priceCamera2MP
Read Reviews40+ Customer Reviews Size (inches)7.5 x 4 x 5
GPSExternal Viewing Angle 129˚(diagonal),
ScreennoMax. Card Size32GB

The FineVu new CR-500HD was launched in late 2012. Extremely small-size of 7.5 x 4 x 5inches and its elegant design make it all however vanish behind your rear view mirror. The videos quality is very good and excellent a day in the evening.

As a repercussion of its small-size, this dash camera doesn’t possess a screen, and it likewise does not have built-in GPS. If desired, nevertheless, an external GPS unit for this car camera can be obtained individually.

As a high-end product, this dashboard camera certainly supports all of the basic features like loop recording,auto on/off, day and timestamp, g-sensor and parking style. Furthermore, the FineVu CR-500HD can be geared up having a Simple To-deploy circular polarizing filter that reduces reflections which could happen when recording in sunny weather, enhancing video quality much more. This polarizing filter is offered individually. When driving at night though, do remember to remove the filter. Otherwise an extremely dark video will certainly result.

Probably the most elegant dashboard cam offered in 2013, the FineVu new CR-500HD is certainly a suggested buy for those who want to invest a bit more for a high quality device.

FineVu CR-500HD Dash Cam Videos Sample


Within the evening time, video quality is outstanding compared with other dash cams. Because of the sunny weather however, we do see a great deal of reflection on the windscreen. If no polarizing lens is installed, this can be a common effect with dashboard cameras.
When a circular polarizing lens is set up, windshield reflections are significantly decreased, enhancing the video quality much more. Evening movie is of top quality also. Their license plates and other cars are plainly noticeable, even from a range.

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45+ Customer Reviews

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