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dash cam boomyours 2.7 tftMain technical specifications

Product TypeBoomYours 2.7Max. Resolution1080P
ReliabilitygoodVideo Quality (day/night)Good/Good
PriceCheck Latest PriceG Sensoryes
Read Reviews400+ customer reviewsSize (mm)130 x 58x 43 mm
GPSyesViewing Angle 140°Front 120°Back
Screen2.7"Max. Card Size32GB

At this camera, I have been seeing for virtually a year, And I have seen about all reviews that were written for against it.The hardware seems to be of very great build-quality. The latest price was the stimulation to push me off the sideline.

PTZ motors run quietly and smoothly. With good focus and color, the video is as great as one can look forward to for VGA resolution.By turning the lens and loosening a screw, you may be find reviews that have reported getting bad focus, And the exact same lofted cam described how to change the concentration on the zoom lens. The Apexis-US discussion board gives very good images and instructions also. You look forward to focussing it at the distance. This one is a fixed focus lens. Like this for lens, there is a big depth-of-field, But do not wish that it will provide razor-sharp focus from some inches to infinity.

I give video characteristics and the camera hardware a 5 star scores. It is specifically the user interface of web browser and the firmware that is the greatest band, I had give the firmware a one star rating, and if I might rates them separately, Because of that does not need to be so inflexible. The real features deserve a greater rating depending on the use that you offer the camera.

That fixes is on the way, I will revise the review, if there is any other indication. Such as BOOMYOURS 2.7 dash camera, I own four IP cameras with like electrical characteristics;  One Trendnet, one zone, two Apexis with Trendnet firmware. But the apexes cameras such as the J11 have a few of noteworthy deficiencies. I choose IE 10 solely as a internet browser,And you will need to use the activeX software that is unsigned, Which reasons you to reduce the safety settings of IE,That work ok with win7, there is a signed version presented on the site of Apexis-china, But reasons IE10 in win8 towards shut down as a result of an error caused by ones page.

video review for boomyours 2.7 tft dual

I will edit this one comment, if I discover out differently. I won’t and haven’t tried to decrease the safety setting of IE10 that use this feature. That does run on IE10 and IE9 , we also have a choice of mobile phone viewer in the GUI of web,But the controls are restricted.

No safety reductions are necessary that use the interface of activeX, and it is well worth noting that my Trendnet cams don’t have this one problem showing in IE10 or IE9. The more notable negative in the camera with the GUI of Apexis Web is that you can’t set a frame-rate, And that is not restricted to just the model of Apexis.

The camera outputs the rate of maximum frame that is selected for the size of image. He has a good choice of choosing the frame-rate of viewing when one user opens up a browser window, But it has no effect on your cameras. The network has to bring the data when the camera outputs, despite the frame-rate chosen by the viewer. If my observations are correct on data of router of my home, but not network load, When selecting a minimal frame-rate effects CPU load.

In your local network, this means that you cannot control the rate of data, It also indicates that you opened a port for one guest viewer, Because of the rate of data is constantly set to max, They will cause the data on your connection of web that increase even more than you desire.

This function isn’t part of the interface of Trendnet, As JPEG settings of compression and the frame-rate even though not as flexible are secured as admin by your selection. Normally, the GUI of Apexis runs well with nearly all the things that I have used. When a program was called spy, I monitored my cams using. There are another services for web utilize, It is free for local use. As it apparently doesn’t use ActiveX, There is no problem viewing under all version of IE.

With visible light, this camera is only for use. That was illuminated by an infrared source. It will not notice an object.With an external IR source, it read in the dark if you need to have it, You can remove the IR filter and remove the lens.

I have not done it on this one camera, but on someone of my another 2 cameras, I removed a tiny piece of plastic right and removed the lens behind the lens. Things illuminated by outdoor light that bring on unnatural colors when you get rid of the IR filter, When a dashboard camera views the worldwide over a larger spectrum than yourself eyes, It is just the way.

All digital dash cam has a like filter. With a longer lens of zoom, some other interesting mod is to exchange the lens of zoom. On his modified Cam, where he posts pictures and info, and check the forum of Apexis-US by ZZCAM for a posting. If you can easily neglect the shortcomings in the firmware, You can pay out much more for an IP Camera, But it is hard to overcome the value.

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