Rear View Mirror Dash Cam ABEO HDVR-150

Abeo-HDVR-150-Rear-View-Mirror-CameraMain technical specifications

Product TypeAbeo HDVR-150Max. Resolution720p
ReliabilityGoodVideo Quality (day/night)Good/Average
PriceCheck Latest PriceG Sensoryes
Read Reviews200+ customer reviews
Size (mm)315 x 85 x 21mm
GPSno Viewing Angle 120°
Screen2.4"Max. Card Size32GB

This remarkable dash cam clips right onto yourself rear-view mirror, that you make it one of the most discerning dashboard cameras around. That seems on top of the surface of mirror though it can also easily switch off the display, It works with an integrated 2.4″ screen.

The ABEO HDVR-150 is very easy to use and install: Connect it into the cigarette lighter, tuck away the wire around the windscreen, You are good to go, and clip it on your current rear-view mirror.

It was included in a 4GB MicroSD card when we bought this dash camera. This is just enough to record 30 minutes of driving however even at 720P resolution. Expanding your recording capacity to over four hours, We suggest you update to a 32GB card.

The result is truly bumpy and the videos are interlaced 15fps while the car camera does have a choice to record at 1080p. So the 720p setting is definitely a better choice for the ABEO HDVR-150. But it does not possess a Gps function, it goes with all of the basic features that one car camera must have auto on/off, loop recording, motion sensor, date/time stamp such as parking mode.

Video quality is average at night, and good during the day time, Thinking about this is a 720p camera. That provides decent video and does its job, this is ok if you just need a dash cam, We do recommend you as an alternative considers the ABEO HDVR-180 and however 720p just is not state of the art anymore.
What unites the ABEO HDVR series aside from many other dashboard cameras is stealthy design and they’re smart : Will not suspect that you have a car camera installed at all! And A casual onlooker will just simply find out a normal mirror. User always underline that the service of kiWav [HDVR-180’s and HDVR-150’s distributor] is truly outstanding. Regardless of whether you need a help with even a hardware replacement, a firmware update or the settings, They are thankful to help any customers out at no additional charge,  Should you have actually all problem at all with yourself on camera?

ABEO HDVR-150 Video Samples


 The ABEO HDVR-150 set the video resolution to 720p and watch on full screen for original HD video quality, That it uses the cog icon of the display screen in the lower right. Video quality isn’t too bad at bay, using into account that this is 720p. Although license plates are just readable from short distance, All relevant details are obviously visible. Video quality is average at night for 720p. But license plates are difficult to discern including when close, Many details are clearly visible.

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 240+ Customer Reviews

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